TV advertising is an opportunity to reach mass audiences with a single powerful message. The power of television remains resilient as it’s the most effective and trusted way of advertising. Aakruthi Media is well-equipped to advertise your brand to a wide range of demographics on various television channels. We plan, create, and execute TV advertising campaigns that get maximum results and increase consumer engagement. Aakruthi Media brings data-driven, battle-tested methods that are sure to help you stand out.
Aakruthi Media

Cable Channels

TV Advertising serves as the best way to reach a large number of audience in your desired area. By targeting your ad to specific demographics and geographic areas, we ensure that your message reaches the right people. Because the Cable TV broadcasts a variety of shows, it appeals to almost everyone in the family, ensuring that everyone in the house is satisfied. Ads on cable television are shown both during the break and while the program is being viewed. We at Aakruthi Media, ensure that with attentive viewer attention and the right advertising source, your brand is guaranteed to reach your target audience.

General Entertainment Channels

GEC advertising is one of the most economical ways of promotion for massive and larger market sizes. At Aaktuthi Media we offer in-depth analysis of demographics related to TV channels. We have partnered with Local, Regional & National Channels across India so your brand can be advertised on the right channels based on your target audience. Our team of experts helps you choose the perfect time/spot, when & where the ad should be played, duration, etc for the maximum reach of your tv advertisement. We primarily focus on TRP, CPRP, frequency, and incremental reach factors while making the perfect media plan in tv advertisement for your brand.

Satellite News Channels

Satellite News Channels are the most watched channels among users in India, We help you display your brand across various satellite news channels by choosing the right spot and customizing your ads based on your target audience. We have partnered with various Local, Regional & National Satellite Channels across India to help you promote your brand among the right audience. Our team of experts helps you choose the perfect time/spot, when & where the ad should be played, duration, etc. for the maximum reach of your TV advertisement.

Types of TV Advertisements

Video Ads

L Band Ads

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Tele Shopping