Cinema is popular in all walks of life and sectors of society, with a diverse audience watching Telugu, Hindi, English & Regional Shows. It is an excellent approach in gaining exposure to a wide range of audience. Cinema is one of the most effective media channels available to marketers, and its impact is undeniable. 

We are the most favoured advertising partner of major multiplex chains like PVR, INOX, Cinepolis, Carnival Cinemas & other multiplexes. We ensure that you hit all the key advantages that cinema advertising offers-uninterrupted, accurate and compassionate state of mind of the rich captive audience, accurate targeting, and unlimited innovative events. We have firmly established ourselves in 2700+ multiplex screens across India, ensuring that you benefit from all of the key advantages that cinema advertising provides onscreen & offscreen.

Benefits of Cinema Advertising

Better Engagement

Big screen advertising with high quality sound system really grabs the attention of viewers better than any other media, which is why cinema advertising is one of the best media for the brand promotion.

Better ROI

Cost of cinema ads are really competitive in compare to other media and at the same time the impact of the advertisement on its viewers is great which really becomes a mix where it produce the great return on investment(ROI)

Better Imapact

Impact is very important when you want to create a space of your brand in viewers minds and hearts. And when it comes to impact, cinema is one of the leading media platform available for the marketers.

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