Aakruthi has often surprised the advertising industry with its innovative approach and unique ideas


Meet the man: Sanjeeva Reddy Gaddampally


Meet the man: Sanjeeva Reddy Gaddampally

Sanjeeva Reddy Gaddampally: THE “EXTRAORDINARY” ORDINARY

There’s something unmistakable about ordinary men rising above the struggles of a drab and humdrum life to create something extraordinary; something they want to be remembered for. These are heroes without capes who encapsulate the quintessential spirit of perseverance, determination, and courage. And, they are proof that when you set your mind to learn, do, and grow, impossible feats can be achieved.

Sanjeeva Reddy Gaddampally is one such name. A simple man hailing from rural Andhra Pradesh, Sanjeeva was devoid of any know how about the razzmatazz of the advertising and media world, but he sure had one thing in abundance – passion – and a dream to leave a lasting impression in the ad industry. He was an outsider with a zeal to shape his own destiny. A rookie, he sunk his teeth into learning the ropes of the game, making friends and alliances, and earning respect of peers, over time. Today, this ordinary man is forging an extraordinary saga. He is a brand-in-the-making and a perpetual student-of-life.

Weaving the threads of his professional life with integrity, commitment, creativity, and a quest for excellence, Sanjeeva has etched his name in the world of media and advertising with his brainchild, Aakruthi, an ad agency founded way back in 2003. Aakruthi epitomises Sanjeeva’s penchant for creativity, and his deep desire to create meaningful work for his clients.

In its maiden years, the agency liaised with the state government to promote tourism. From designing beautiful brochures to curating captivating content for events and festivals, Aakruthi was the go-to agency when it came to Andhra Pradesh Tourism. But the man had a vision to do something big. Over the years, Aakruthi spread its wings to catapult into a full-fledged advertising agency catering to above-the-line channels such as radio, print and outdoor. It earned an impressive list of clienteles such as Joylukkas, MedPlus, Myhome, Haier Electronics, and Sudhakar Group among many others.

While business was good and clients were delighted, Sanjeeva had a yearning to push the envelope and do something more. He wanted to position Aakruthi not merely as a run-of-the-mill ad agency but as a Blue Ocean brand that has the potential to create a stir in the fraternity for its unique ad concepts.

 In the subsequent years, led by Sanjeeva’s foresight and gumption, Aakruthi ventured into the on-screen ad territory. The agency created a distinct name for itself by creating novel innovations, utilising cinema hall layouts to come up with eye catching ad genres. In fact, the man and his agency are credited with many firsts – Aakruthi is the only agency in India to come up with a pathbreaking in-theatre innovation for one of the leading real estate companies in India. It is also the first to introduce the jewellery industry to cinema advertising by creating on-screen innovation for Joylukkas. All other agencies followed suit.

As Aakruthi blossomed from a mere toddler, learning the ropes of the ad world, into an intrepid teenager with a burning desire to make a difference, Sanjeeva’s experience and wisdom grew manifolds as well. The outsider who had no bearings in the glitzy and commercial world of advertising was now a learned ad man, who still nurtured an indomitable urge to keep growing. After all, he was never here for a quick sprint but an entire marathon.

Now, Sanjeeva’s got his eyes set on the next milestone – taking his dreams on a bigger and bolder stage. He recently bagged a big and prestigious project for the branding of L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad). This project in turn positioned Sanjeeva to forge esteemed alliances in Mumbai and Delhi, and expand his on-ground team. He has brave and ambitious plans for the future, and they are already unfolding with the birth of “Minds and Thoughts”. Call it Aakruthi 2.0 or casting-aspirations-on-a-world-canvas, “Minds and Thoughts” is Sanjeeva’s venture to take on the world, starting with Delhi and Mumbai.

If you ever happen to cross paths with him, you’d still find him to be a shy and simple man rooted in the Indian hinterland, albeit with a sparkle of a thousand dreams in his eyes and the spirit of an eternal imaginist at heart.