Argano Company Flag Event at Hyderabad Metro

We are delighted to launch the unmissable Argano Company Services campaign at Hyderabad Metro.

Commuters are attracted to the brightly wrapped metro trains!

About Aakruthi Media

Exclusive Advertising Rights for Hyderabad Metro Train.

Aakruthi Media is a one-stop Advertising agency that offers comprehensive and customized advertising solutions on metro trains for your brand to stand out. The Red Line, Green Line, and Blue Line trains are available for wrapping.

It’s become a lifeline for transportation, and one can get to places in minutes. Through Aakruthi Media, Metro Advertising may help you get your products recognized. Hyderabad Metro advertising is one of the most effective methods to reach a large audience while delivering your message through the captive audience.

Sanjeeva Reddy Gaddampally: Managing Director of Aakruthi Media

Sanjeeva Reddy Gaddampally is one such name. A simple man hailing from rural Andhra Pradesh, Sanjeeva was devoid of any know how about the razzmatazz of the advertising and media world, but he sure had one thing in abundance – passion – and a dream to leave a lasting impression in the ad industry. He was an outsider with a zeal to shape his own destiny. A rookie, he sunk his teeth into learning the ropes of the game, making friends and alliances, and earning respect of peers, over time. Today, this ordinary man is forging an extraordinary saga. He is a brand-in-the-making and a perpetual student-of-life.

Weaving the threads of his professional life with integrity, commitment, creativity, and a quest for excellence, Sanjeeva has etched his name in the world of media and advertising with his brainchild, Aakruthi, an ad agency founded way back in 2003. Aakruthi epitomises Sanjeeva’s penchant for creativity, and his deep desire to create meaningful work for his clients.

About Hyderabad Metro

The Hyderabad Metro is one of the primary transport options for many of the city’s residents, and it isn’t only a place. It’s an experience that has 12.3 million monthly viewers and around 4.5lakh daily commuters (68% Male, 32% Female).